Wednesday, March 07, 2007

DILE tutorial: basics

Link to the tutorial (3.8 MB!)

Finally, I have finished the first tutorial for DILE. It just shows some basic features of DILE and should be enough to get you started with it.
Basically, the animation shows how to debug a newly created, very simple application (which just adds two numbers). It demonstrates how to start the application in DILE, how to step through the code, check the call stack, loaded modules, local variables/arguments, evaluate expressions and how to use the Object Viewer. There are lots of explaining messages that will - hopefully - make clear why some things work differently in DILE.

Please, let me know of what you think of this tutorial, whether it's really useful, whether I should make more and if yes, then I'd be glad to hear ideas on what should the following ones be about (I have a few more subjects on my mind though). Of course, I'd also like to hear if you think that I should do something differently in such tutorials. And - as always - if you have anything else to say about DILE then just send me an e-mail or leave a comment. :-)

One more thing, if you are planning to link to the tutorial (why would anyone do that though?), then please link to this blog entry. Sooner or later (but rather later...) I will create a homepage for DILE and then I will move the tutorials there also and I'll update the link to it in this post. Thanks!

P.S.: As Sebastian suggested, I have used Wink for creating this Flash animation.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Windows Developer Power Tools

At last, I have the time to mention in this blog that THE book has been released. Actually, it was released last year. Here is a picture of the author holding a copy of it and actually, today I have received my copy of it as well (thanks O'Reilly). It's really great feeling to see my name and my tool in a book. :-)

No doubt, the two authors (Jim Holmes and James Avery) are doing everything to make the book more popular. Last month was the Windows Developer Power Tools Day, a podcast has been created by WebDevRadio and an interview with the authors has even been uploaded to Channel 9.
Oh, and don't forget the book's website, where DILE has its own page as well. Btw, you're welcome to vote on it. ;-)

I really hope that book will be/is popular and useful. And perhaps DILE can also get some new users from it. :-)

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