Sunday, February 25, 2007

DILE v0.2.5 (64-bit compatible)

First of all, yep, I'm still alive. Lately I have been quite busy, I had quite a lot of things to arrange after moving to Singapore. Finding a proper accomodation was also not easy. But - at last - things seem to settle down and hopefully soon I can get back to my normal life and spend more time on DILE also. :-)

Second, I could not stand the overwhelming demand anymore... Lots of users (means 2) have informed me that DILE is not running on x64 OS. I had a few ideas what can be wrong but in the end I found out that the problem was more serious than I expected. Basically, I made 2 big mistakes:
1. I mixed up IntPtr and uint/int variables in some cases. On x86 processors this didn't cause problem because both are 4-byte data type, but of course on x64 it immedately caused an exception.
2. I didn't know (shame on me) that 64 bit assemblies have different headers. x86 files have PE32 and 64 bit assemblies have PE32+ header. The difference between the two is little, but enough to make my positioning algorithm fail.

The good news is that I have fixed both problems and now DILE is working correctly on x64 OS also. Actually, I have tested it on Windows Server 2003 x64.
There are no other improvements for now though, only a few more bug fixes (see change log).

zip file (x86):
zip file (x64):
readme.txt: readme.txt
license.txt: license.txt
change_log.txt: change_log.txt

Just a few screenshots to keep this old habit + prove that DILE is really x64 compatible:

Disassembled 64-bit assembly

Debugging DILE with DILE on x64 OS

One note: the DockPanelSuite seems to have some problem with x64. Panels look weird for me. But I think it's not a DILE bug. Actually, the second screenshot shows that the DockPanelSuite throws an ArgumentOutOfRangeException.

Next step: making Flash tutorials for DILE...

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