Tuesday, November 14, 2006

DILE v0.2.4

Here is the 0.2.4 version of DILE, as I promised earlier. I really hope that it's lot more stable and easier to use now...
As always, the important files first:

zip file: dile_v0_2_4.zip
readme.txt: readme.txt
license.txt: license.txt
change_log.txt: change_log.txt

No doubt, there are two very important improvements: the new Object Viewer window and having context menus almost everywhere. Both of these increase the usability of DILE a lot.
But here are some other improvements in detail (check the change log for a full list):
  • completely rewritten (from "scratch") the Object Viewer form, now it's multi-thread, lot more reliable, it has log functionality, evaluations can be aborted and displayed information is lot more complete (no fields or properties should be missing)
  • changed the structure of displayed nodes in the Project Explorer: types are grouped by namespaces (hopefully this improves usability)
  • redesigned the Quick Search Settings form
  • several panels (modules, threads, local variables, arguments, watch, auto objects, callstack) use lazy-initialization to display information which means that they refresh their contents only when they're visible
  • made evaluation aborting more robust and reliable
  • added set IP (instruction pointer, basically it's like the Set next statement in VS)
  • added Watch Panel (every expression that is added to the panel will be evaluated after each step)
  • added a text displayer form that can be used to display text with or without escape characters, format text as xml or display text as html
  • added context menu to every ListView and DataGrid control; the menu allows you to copy values to clipboard or display them in the text displayer form, and also contains custom actions when available
  • fixed bug: breakpoints were not set in assemblies which had different assembly and module name (e.g.: mscorlib)

And screenshots of the new features:

The new Object Viewer window

Text displayer window

The new context menu

"Set IP" to instruction feature

"Add module to project" option in the Object Viewer

Don't hesitate to contact me with problems or ideas regarding DILE. :-)


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A "little" change... moving to Singapore

This time another personal post.
As you might know, my wife is Indonesian. We have been planning for a while now to move from Hungary back to Asia. And after returning from our trip this June, we have started to seriously look for a job in Singapore. I am really lucky as I have managed to get one there. My visa is already approved, my contract is signed and in the beginning of December (on 4th to be exact) we'll move there.

Both me and my wife agree that Singapore must be a good place for us. For her it will be easier to live there as she can be closer to her parents and she can communicate with other people more easily (Hungarian language is quite difficult and most of the Hungarians can't speak English unfortunately). For me, it's a good opportunity to learn new things and I really like Asia and South-East Asian mentality thus I don't think it'll be difficult to adapt. However, leaving my parents in Hungary won't be easy... :-(

Of course, all this has some effect on DILE as well. Before we move I'll release a new version. No doubt, this should be the best so far. :-)
I've finished all the changes that I planned, and there are some - I believe - really useful new features. I've, for example, completely rewritten the Object Viewer and added context menu almost everywhere.
I have also spent lots of time on trying to find bugs (and fixed all of them). I think it's more stable now.

Actually, in my current workplace for the last 2-3 months most of the time I had to fix bugs and DILE helped a lot. In several cases it "saved life" because I often had to debug on servers where VS wasn't installed. I was also glad to see that some of my collegues were interested in it and tried to use it. At last, I could see where I should improve the program. I even received a feedback letting me know that DILE is a little bit complicated to use for the first time. I'm therefore planning to create some kind of Flash tutorial, but I think I'll have the time for that only after moving to Singapore.

Anyway, once everything is settled in my new place, I'll continue working on DILE. So for now, expect some break but I'll be back! :-)

P.S.: I have changed to the new beta blogger... I hope it won't crash. :-)
P.S.: Does anyone know a good, _free_ tool for recording from screen in Flash format?

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