Sunday, March 21, 2010

DILE tutorial... from a hacker?

As Jeremy Clarkson would say it in Top Gear: "I went on the Internet and found this":
Hacking Ngoa Ho Tang Long with Dotnet IL Editor

Basically, it's a video tutorial that shows how DILE can be used to get the serial number of an application by debugging it.

I must admit I'm both happy and sad to see this. I'm happy to see that DILE is popular and used by people but I'm sad to see that my program is used for avoiding paying somebody for his/her work.

Although I guess I shouldn't be surprised as DILE is already part of a hacker tool collection.

P.S.: Does anyone know what was used to make that video? It looks nice. If it's free then I'd also use it for making more DILE tutorials... about debugging, not hacking. :-)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm back

Well, I've never really left.

For the last few years I have been quite busy (or rather lazy) so I didn't spend too much time on my blog or DILE. Although I was always "here", answered e-mails and fixed bugs in the code. By the way, one of the reasons why I "disappeared" is that my son was born in 2008 and he keeps me quite busy since then (although I really enjoy it :-) ).

Quite surprisingly - despite my inactivity - DILE has remained quite popular. According to SourceForge it is still downloaded 4-500 times/month which makes me really happy.

And actually it's becoming popular even among my colleagues. So I decided to continue working on DILE. I really hope that I can finish it before MS comes up with a new platform (.NET is becoming rather old as its first beta was released a decade ago).

So dear reader/DILE user, as a first step, I'd like to ask your help in making DILE a bit more bug-free. Unfortunately there are still many bugs in DILE (in fact, I've just fixed 2 bugs in the debugging-time expression evaluation code) and thus if you come across any then please submit it in SourceForge and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Although I can't promise spending as much time on DILE as I used to but I'm trying to do my best. I spend weekdays with my son and try to work on DILE in the weekends after he goes to sleep. Actually, I sleep more during weekdays than weekends (yesterday I was fixing those 2 bugs until 4 a.m. :-) ).

Thank you in advance and happy DILE-ing! :-)

P.S.: Expect a few more blog entries in the near future about DILE. :-)
P. P.S.: Unfortunately spammers have found my blog so I decided to manually moderate comments. But please feel free to send comments; I'll publish them as long as they are DILE related.

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