Thursday, May 19, 2005

First DILE release

At last! I have finished the first release of DILE.

The zip file:
readme.txt: readme.txt.
license.txt (GPL license but I'm thinking of changing this later): license.txt.
change_log.txt (almost empty): change_log.txt.

It's still very primitive, it has no editing or debugging abilities, it's rather just a disassembler like ildasm.
Despite it's built with .NET Framework 2.0 it does not support generics and thus mostly I tested it with v1.x assemblies.
I'm sure there are lots of bugs in it what I also mention in the readme.txt.
But if you find any then please let me know. Actually, one of my biggest problems is that I can't find an example of everything. Programming by documentation is one thing and practise is another. ;-)

However, here are a few screenshots:

A quite complicated calli instruction...

Definition of an assembly

The v1.1 Framework loaded at once

Manifest resources, references, global type etc

I will still have a lot of work to do with DILE. I know it will take years to finish it but... it's fun to do it. :-)

Here are the next steps:
1. Find out how to read permission sets and marshalling informations.
2. Support generics.
3. Add new features like go to definition.

Once the disassemble part of the program is ready I will start to implement debugging also and then this will really be a useful application.

Edited: Fixed the link of the .zip file. Thanks to Sandor Korozsi for warning me.