Thursday, October 20, 2005

DILEpas (DILE v0.2 beta released)

Thanks to my wife today I've learnt a new Indonesian word: dilepas. It means "to be released". Well, I released DILE v0.2 beta yesterday.

The zip file:
readme.txt: readme.txt
license.txt: license.txt
change_log.txt: change_log.txt

The most important new feature is that debugging is working now. This means that you can load an assembly in DILE and then debug its IL code.
The debugging features briefly:
  • step into/step over/step out
  • start/stop/detach from/attach to process
  • debugging is stopped when exception thrown
  • add/remove/activate/deactive breakpoint
  • "Object Viewer"
  • call stack: including going up and down in the current call stack
  • local variables/arguments
  • debug messages
  • debug events (e.g.: process started/exited, class loaded/unloaded)
And there's one more feature which is not related to debugging: Quick Search. It's similar to the Visual Studio File Finder Add-In. It helps you to find a definition (method definition, type definition etc.) faster if you know its name. Often it's more comfortable to use this than searching in the tree.

And the screenshots as always:

An exception in the "Object Viewer"

Local Variables


Debug Events

Call Stack


Quick Search

Attach to process

This is still a beta version which means that it's not completely stable, contains known bugs and I plan to add a few new things later. However, it's good enough to show what I am working on and in certain situations it can already be useful (it has helped me a few times). Anyway, for detailed information see the readme.txt.

Have fun using it and debugging the mscorlib.dll! I really enjoy it. ;-)

Edit: I have fixed the links to the screenshots. Thanks to Szokelizer for warning me.

Unfortunately, there were serious bugs in the beta version which prevented debugging v1.1 assemblies. I have fixed them and uploaded a new, beta 2 version to Sourceforge. The file is available from here.