Tuesday, May 16, 2006

1 month holiday

Usually I try to avoid writing personal things but this time it has some effect on DILE also. This Wednesday I'll travel to Indonesia for 1 month with my wife to visit her parents. As it is a little bit difficult to get Internet connection there, I'll certainly not be online every day. However, later I'll read all comments/e-mails/forum entries and try to answer them, but don't be suprised if I'll be a few days or weeks late. But as always, let me know if you have any problem or comment about DILE. It's always nice to see that people use what I have made. :-)

About DILE... No doubt, lately I have been a little bit lazy to work on it. But of course, I didn't give up the project. My plan is to have several new features that will make debugging more complete and then start to work on the compiler part.
Here is a screenshot of one of the most important features that will be in the next release:

Evaluating expression during debugging

It is not ready yet though, but I'll finish it after coming back from Indonesia. And there will be some other new things also like starting debugging with stepping (so DILE will stop on the first instruction of the entry method), run to cursor, specifying parameters for the debuggee etc.


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