Sunday, May 30, 2010

DILE and .NET 4.0

Good news. I've started to work on modifying DILE to support .NET 4.0. The latest weekly build that I uploaded is running on .NET 4 and it does support debugging .NET 4 applications. However, it doesn't really use any .NET 4 specific feature yet and so far I've tested it for maybe half an hour so be very cautious with it. :-)

By the way, upgrading to .NET 4 was not so trivial. Apparently the MSDN documentation is not really clear about how it should be done. But fortunately Rick Byers helped me after I posted my question in an MSDN forum. So, I owe him a special thanks and hopefully his answer will help others as well.

P.S.: I think I will try to add support for debugging dump files as well in the future. :-)

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