Friday, May 14, 2010

But where is the 'E'?

Recently DILE received 2 negative ratings/reviews on SourceForge because it is not a real IL editor. And this is not the first case when DILE is accused of not having this feature.

Perhaps it's time to make it clear: DILE is not an IL editor. It does not allow you to modify the IL (binary) code of an assembly. Yet...

The description of DILE on SourceForge says:
Dotnet IL Editor (DILE) is an editor program which helps modifying .NET assemblies. It is intended to be able to disassemble .NET assemblies, modify the IL code, recompile it and run inside a debugger.
This is the description that I sent to SourceForge admins almost 6 years ago to get the project approved. I haven't changed it since then and seems like this was a mistake. Although I thought the expression "intended to be", the project status of "planning" and the version number which is nowhere near 1.0 shows that DILE is not really ready yet.

But anyway, I have changed the description to this:
Dotnet IL Editor (DILE) allows disassembling and debugging .NET 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5 applications without source code or .pdb files. It can debug even itself or the assemblies of the .NET Framework on IL level.
I hope this helps to avoid such confusions in the future.


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