Saturday, May 08, 2010

(Almost) Weekly builds

Usually after working on DILE, I make a release build which I upload to SkyDrive for myself. The next day I download it in my office and use it. "Eat your own dogfood.". And I was thinking that others might also be interested in getting such latest builds of DILE. Fortunately my suspicion was confirmed by an e-mail that I received not so long ago. Thus I decided to make weekly builds of DILE publicly available.

First of all a warning: what I upload and make available is _never_ a stable, tested version of DILE. It might crash and cause other problems. I don't promise that it works properly. It is a version that is still under development, features might not be completely implemented and there might be bugs that officially released versions should not have. I strongly recommend using v0.2.6 that is available on SourceForge for doing serious job like debugging on a production server.

But if you're still interested in using the latest version of DILE despite the warning then you can find the build on SourceForge. I will regularly update this file based on the latest modifications in the source code.

I really hope that sharing the latest build of DILE will help me with getting more feedback. Therefore if you have any opinion about the changes that you see in DILE or you find any bug that I introduced since the last official release then please let me know.

Edit: I modified the link to the weekly builds. I will always put the latest weekly build in the DILE/WeeklyBuild folder together with a couple of previous versions.

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