Thursday, July 13, 2006

DILE in the Windows Developer Power Tools book

O'Reilly will soon be publishing its new book entitled "Windows Developer Power Tools" by Jim Holmes and James Avery.

Here is an excerpt of what Jim Holmes has got to say about it on his blog:
The book is around 1100 pages of goodness on open source and freeware tools you can use to improve your software development work. The book’s all about using tools to bring value to the entire development cycle from writing code to testing to lifecycle management. We’ve got something like 170 tools from Anthem.NET to Sysinternals RegMon to Bugzilla. We chose tools which help improve the quality of code you write, or help improve your productivity as a developer.

If you wondered why I mentioned all this--which I know you do; is because DILE has got a small article in it (click here to see the table of contents and here for the sample chapters).

A few months ago Jim sent me an e-mail to ask whether I'd like to contribute an article about DILE, so there it is. The book also features other tools, such as: ildasm, Reflector, CLRProfiler, etc. My, those are quite big names there! :-) As for the article about DILE, it is written by me and extensively edited by my wife (and Jim also, I guess :-) ). Anyways I hope it can also serve as a small help/introduction for DILE.

I'm really looking forward to having the book. I'll surely read all the 1100 pages. That's all for now and back to work. I still have to fix a few things about the debug expression evaluation. :-)


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Congratulation! :)

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