Sunday, January 16, 2005

DILE status update

DILE (Dotnet IL Editor) is my open source project which can be found on SourceForge.
I have been working on it since last summer though lately I hadn't updated it. But - at last - now I had a little time to work on it.
As the name also shows, I'm trying to create a program which can decompile an assembly, compile it again after the IL source has been changed and debug it using Unmanaged Metadata API and CorDBLib, of course. I know this is a quite difficult task but at least it's fun.
For imitating the VS.NET look, I'm using a control called DockPanel Suite which is created by Weifen Luo. I would like to say thanks to him for making his control free and available this way also.

Anyway, this post is just a short update on the project's status. So far, the program is able to decompile the IL code (more or less) and also a few parameters:

  • string parameters (e.g. ldstr)

  • IL address parameters (e.g. brtrue)

  • number parameters (e.g. ldc.i4)

  • field parameters (e.g. ldsfld)

A few days ago, I had the chance to start to work again on it and thus now it's also able to show the parameters for call instructions (if the called method is in the assembly, so it's a MethodDef and not MethodRef).
Of course, there are still lots of bugs and even more things are missing but I'm working on it... ;-)

Here's a screen shot of what's ready so far:

I have worked a little bit more on the program and updated the picture of it. Now MethodRef and switch parameters are also shown. The pictures are in .png format...


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Windowsos ablakokat inkább .gif-ben vagy .png-ben, mint ilyen hányás .jpg-ben...


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